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Argenteria Varotto Alfredo - Produzione e vendita
Varotto Alfredo silverware
Varotto Alfredo Argenteria | Azienda

At the beginning of ’70, a little artisan firm managed by Mr. Alfredo Varotto started a production of gift articles and distinguished itself especially trough the carefulness of finish and the working exclusively hand made carried out. As the times goes by, the products, thanks to the high quality standards and most of all to the proved seriousness, begin to acquire an important position in the market and strong appreciation by consolidated customers. At the present days the “Varotto Alfredo” firm, thanks to the ripened experiences and to the steady technological renovation has become a reference point in silverware.
Even though until some years ago the collections were mainly proposed in national market, at the present days, thanks to the high quality achieved and to the widest selection of articles, we are able to increase in a considerable way the international client ship demands. Our strength point, besides excellent finish in each item, is flexibility that let us satisfy every kind of client’s demand.
The whole silver collection is the result of a true passion for precious things that linked to a traditional and meticulous working give to the objects refinement and an unique glamour.

All VAROTTO ALFREDO items can be identify by the three stamps shown below:

Guarantee of the legal title of the silver
Guarantee of identity of manufacturer
Guarantee of authenticity

All can be easily recognized on sight etched into the surface.

The company produces gift items offering huge collection of trays, coffee sets, sugar pots, plates, wine and ice coolers, jugs, vases, different tape of coasters, napkin holders, tumblers, bowls, wedding souvenirs, candleholders, picture-frames, office accessories, business card holders, pen holders, egg holders, cutlery, trophies and many others original items for hotels, restaurants and catering needs.

The whole production of silverware is made in our factory in Padova.

VAROTTO ALFREDO guarantee the authenticity of the products exclusively hand made.


Varotto Alfredo
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