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Sweet Home

Sweet Home - Sheffield

The brand Sweet Home belongs to Varotto Alfredo's group, one of the most important silverware company in the European market.
This brand was born in 2008 thanks to an idea of Luca Varotto. By treasuring his father's experience in working with silver, Luca's purpose was to create a line of objects in silvered metal. Thanks to the combination of beauty and functionality they become useful implements in our daily life.
Sweet Home is totally produced in Padua, Italy. As proof of quality guarantee its products are realised through the same method used to work with silver and each item is engraved with the seal of quality.

The production process starts with the planning of the objects and it is followed by the realisation the prototype. Once the item is refined, production tools and steel casts are manually realised. These tools are produced by our craftmen, in order to get high quality products. Some steps of the process are realised with numerically controlled machines, others, such as welding, cleaning, polishing and buffing are totally hand made.

Brass features:

Colour: Yellow-gold
Density: 8400-8700Kg/m3
Melting point: 900 C
Corrosion strength: higher than copper
Fusibility: higher than copper
Ductile: yes
Malleable: yes


Plate cold pressing. Plate turning. Plates and trays bottoms are press-stretched. Both the internal and external side of bowls and covers are polished and shining.


Solid. Rims are hand-welded and turned in order to assure consistency, firmness and impact strength.



Realised with “60% silver alloy powder, that assures a perfect bond of the different details.


Products are highly polished before being galvanized


Silvering process is carried out using pure silver, free from all the elements that can change its level of toxicity, anallergicity malleability and brightness of the silver itself.

The wide range of products suits both to classic and modern furnishings. In this way the customer who is looking for something both elegant and functional has always a wide choice.

Sweet Home products are a good idea to make a present for every occasion, thanks to the possibility to customize the items. As a matter of fact, Varotto Alfredo group is able to reproduce every logo, seal, drawing and monograms, through laser or pantograph.

Due to the use of updated technology, Sweet Home products are subjected to finish processes of high quality, thanks to which the process of oxidation is slowed.

In order to keep unchanged the beauty of your silver items for long afterwards, Varotto Alfredo suggests a line of products easy to use for the treatment of your silverware.
Town talk line is composed of gloves, that are packed with a cotton cloth. The clothes are soaked with  special cleaning matter that protects silver from oxidation.
Spray silver polish is a product without gas that may cause harmful effects to the ozone. It is particularly suited to polish ceased articles.

We recommend to shake well before use and spray on silver. Rubbing with a smooth cloth to clear away the patina of oxide. Let it dry and polish with a clean cloth.

Varotto Alfredo
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